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Lub Dub, Lub Dub, Lubba Dub Dub

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Q What causes the lub-dub sound that the heart makes?

A: It’s the sound of the blood hitting the walls of the valves as they close. That is pretty much the most basic way to explain it.

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Some of the more exciting research in heart physiology is the understanding that  the heart beat is extremely variable; less variability is associated with more heart problems.

While your pulse may feel perfectly regular, you actually have a great deal of subtle variability from one beat to the next. These fluctuations are produced by the normal functioning of the involuntary nervous system, which can cause your heart to slow down or speed up. The normal heartbeat, therefore, does not follow a metronomic or march-like beat—surprisingly, it has a dance-like plasticity and variability.

…  As in life,  it is much better when the heart is dancing then when it is just plodding along….



More detailed explanation of heart sounds

Listen to the Music of the Heart

Heart Sounds: Auscultation Assistant


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