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Belly laughter as medicine

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There once was a curious frog

Who sat by a pond on a log

And, to see what resulted,

In the pond catapulted

With a water-noise heard round the bog..

(Translated from Basho’s haiku by Alfred H. Marks: see previous post)

. . .

Is nothing sacred?  Basho must be rolling around in his grave from this limerickizing of his famous haiku , although I suspect  it is laughter he is rolling around with…

In 1979,  Norman Cousins bestselling  book Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient anecdotally documented his contention that a patient’s attitude can combat a serious  illness; this was one of the first books on the subject.   Among other things, Cousins would watch Marx Brothers movies to get a belly laugh:

I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep.

Here is a Marx Brothers clip from Youtube:



and here is a new limerick:




A doctor was asked by Descartes

Why his thinking had fallen apart —

Upon looking inside

The doctor replied

Dear Rene–  You must think with your heart! ..



Humor and Health

Norman Cousins

The immune system, diabetes, and laughter




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