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After I experienced a severe heart attack, I was extremely grateful to be alive; it was as if my ego had almost disappeared.  I was grateful for every breath.  This feeling wore off after several months, but the near death experience  did  substantially change my perspective and attitude towards life.   It has become much easier to enter a grateful state of mind.

Recent research suggests that keeping a gratitude journal or thinking about things you are grateful about before you go to sleep actually helps you sleep better.

I have mentioned this idea  to several people;  much to my surprise, they actually have made a habit of this before they go to sleep, and report good results.

It is surprising how much this simple idea of  focusing on being grateful can change one’s attitude and change one’s sleep.

(… and I am grateful that I can write this.. . )


Links to Gratitude Research

Highlights from the Research Project on Gratitude and Thankfulness

Wikipedia article on gratitude and research

The Psychology of Gratitude (Book)


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